Welcome To Old Oak Resources

Old Oak is a resource website for churches who are interested in developing an all age, cafe style worship service. It comes out out of the experience of the team behind the weekly Zone2 service at Liverpool Cathedral.

Why call it “Old Oak”? The Allerton Oak in Calderstones Park, Liverpool, is estimated to be 1,000 years old. Each Spring hundreds of daffodils bloom in the shade of the Old Oak, protected by the fence around it, and spreading like crazy into the rest of the park.

That captures our hopes for this project. We’d love this “Old Oak” to give shade and protection for similar new, small, fragile, colourful, life-filled projects in the Diocese of Liverpool and beyond. We’re praying that the resources and support on offer will make this a place to connect, share ideas and learning from each other.

If you are familiar with the Old Oak site you can search for resources on this site by browsing the “tags” (this will bring up resources that we’ve tagged with a certain theme”, by searching for keywords in the “search box” or browse all our resources by visiting our “Resources” page. If you’re new to Old Oak please visit our “About” page for more information about the resources available and tips for navigating the site.